How to understand my paintings

The place you were brought up is an important influence. I remember the fires in the night of Saint John when I was a child. This night was a great party and still it is. The city was not so packed with cars as it is nowadays and there were fires all over the city. (Figure 1).
The works of other artists are also main influences. Every time you discover (to discover means to understand) a painter you have a new influence. Although my initial background was “French Tradition”, I soon looked for new ways of understanding in American Modern Art such as Abstract Impressionism, as well as in British modern tradition. A list of painters who have been my favorites: Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, Nicolas de Staël, Howard Hodgkin. (Figure 2).
When you travel you see and hear and smell and enjoy the atmosphere. This experience influences you and gives you reasons for your works. I remember the twilight in Marrakech and the faint light as you enter the Souk. Later you recall and reconstruct your memories like a palimpsest, one layer after another. (Figure 3). See New Conceptions___

___How to understand...


Fishbowl and Birdcage

How to understand...


Modern Painting

1-The night fires (childhood memory)


Modern Painting

2-The Soul Split by Crimson (maybe Mr. Rothko is around)


Modern Painting

3-Entry to the Souk (Memory of a trip)